Creativity and Ego

“My personal creative process has always been very torturous, because I try to be a perfectionist. That’s the way the ego works.”

Director Alejandro González Iñarritu, who goes on to say about ego: “It’s extraordinarily demanding; it’s a dictator; and it can push you to bring out the best in yourself…”

One of the themes of his outstanding movie ‘Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)’ – starring Michael Keaton [photo] – is the impact of social “validation” and “relevance” on creative people.

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Resources for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

Introversion and high sensitivity are different, but they can also overlap and interact, and many of us experience both personality traits to some degree, perhaps along with shyness.

This page includes books, sites and articles that explore these qualities, their impact on our creative lives, and how we can thrive using the positive aspects.

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Renaissance People Don’t Want to Choose Only One Career

Many multitalented people are accomplished and active – even exceptional – in more than one area of creative expression. We read about some of them as celebrated writers, entrepreneurs, scientists, movie directors, actors, painters and other creators.

But many more multitalented people are not well-known, or even able, for many reasons, to express their talents. Like Jenna (Keri Russell) in the movie “Waitress.”

>> Related article: Multitalented Creative People – My Talent Development Resources series of sites, and my book featured on this site, include many examples of multitalented actors, musicians, painters and other artists. Here are a few examples.

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The Power of Subconscious Thinking

Director Mike Nichols recognizes the value for creative expression of our unconscious depths. “In making movies,” he said, “time is so short — because it is so expensive — that we tend to neglect the place from which the best ideas come, namely that part of ourselves that dreams. “The unconscious is our best collaborator. […]

Be More Creative: Be An Introvert

Author Susan Cain declares: “Without introverts, the world would be devoid of: the theory of gravity; the theory of relativity; W. B. Yeats’s “The Second Coming”; Chopin’s nocturnes; Proust’s In Search of Lost Time; Peter Pan…” She quotes science journalist Winifred Gallagher: “The glory of the disposition that stops to consider stimuli rather than rushing […]

Brainwave entrainment: Rest for our teeming mind

Many creative and high ability people experience “an abundance of physical, sensual, creative, intellectual and emotional energy that can result in creative endeavours” as giftedness consultant Lesley Sword describes Overexcitabilities. This intensity can drive imagination, intellectual achievement and creative expression – but also lead to overwhelm and stress. One example: actor Sandra Bullock has commented: […]

Alia Sabur on not letting anything stop you

Alia Sabur, at age of 18, was recognized as the youngest college professor in history, breaking a 300-year-old record. She was hired as a professor in the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion at Konkuk University, in Korea. As profiled in a Today Show bio, “She made the jump to college at age 10. And by […]

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James Ellroy: “Crazy suppressed s— came out and blew up in my face.”

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