Highly Sensitive and Living With Social Anxiety

Many people avoid crowds or social contacts that are too anxiety producing. But if this kind of social anxiety is overly self-limiting, holding us back from expressing our talents as fully as we want to, there are ways to deal with it.

How might being a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath make some people more susceptible to social anxiety?

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Sensitive to Anxiety and Depression

Being highly sensitive probably increases our vulnerability to anxiety and depression, which for many of us go together to some extent. Elaine Aron, PhD thinks “high sensitivity increases the impact of all emotionally tinged events…”

That is a helpful concept, I think: that being highly sensitive increases the potency of any experiences with emotional elements. I’m sure that has been the case for me, and I have had varying degrees of these mood challenges for most of my life. Can you relate?

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Alejandro Inarritu on the Creative Process

Alejandro González Iñárritu has earned a number of award nominations for directing and co-writing “Birdman” and has made a number of interesting comments about creative work.

“You know, in the creative process I think every human being is confronted with doubts and contradictions and flaws . . . and that’s part of it. That’s the deal of it. That’s the complexity of it.”

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Nicole Kidman: high ability and complexity

“You live with a lot of complicated emotions as an actor, and they whirl around you and create havoc at times… I’m willing to fly close to the flame.” Nicole Kidman “Creatively gifted children and adults are emotionally intense and have rich inner lives…It is natural for the gifted to feel deeply and to experience […]

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Robert Pattinson, Salvador Dalí, introversion, shyness and sensitive people

Shyness may look like introversion or high sensitivity, and they may overlap with each other, but are distinct experiences. Psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD notes shyness “is learned, not innate” and the trait of high sensitivity “is often mislabeled as introversion.” She writes in an edition of her newsletter that “HSPs [highly sensitive people] are so similar to […]


 Margaret Keane: Overcoming Exploitation

In the 1960s, paintings of “sad-eyed children,” massively reproduced in posters and cards, became possibly the best-selling art in the world for a time, thanks to the tireless marketing by Walter Keane of “his” work. The “big eyes” images were owned by celebrities and hung in many permanent collections.

But Walter Keane was a fraud and plagiarist: the art was actually created by his wife Margaret Keane. The story is dramatized in the Tim Burton movie “Big Eyes.”

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Being Highly Sensitive and Creative

“Creatives often feel and perceive more intensely, dramatically, and with a wildly vivid color palate to draw from, which can only be described as looking at the world through a much larger lens.” – Jenna Avery

“Sensitive people, both children and adults, tend to be empathic, smart, intuitive, creative, careful, and conscientious.” – Elaine Aron

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Myths of Creativity and Creators – How They Hold Us Back

“I just thought making movies was something done by geniuses, and I was very clear that I wasn’t one of those.” Director Jane Campion

When “The Artist’s Way” author and creativity coach Julia Cameron has asked people to list ten traits they think artists have, their responses have included: “Artists are broke,” “Artists are crazy,” “Artists are drug-addicted” and “Artists are drunk.”

As creative people, even after achieving some recognition for our talents, we can experience self-critical thoughts and insecurity, such as impostor feelings – sometimes based on these kinds of myths we have picked up about creative “genius” or artists.

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“I just thought making movies was something done by geniuses, and I was very clear that I wasn’t one of those.” Jane Campion When “The Artist’s Way” author and creativity coach Julia Cameron has asked people to list ten traits they think artists have, their responses have included: “Artists are broke,” “Artists are crazy,” “Artists […]

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Nicole Kidman on being highly sensitive

“It was almost like I needed to have a day job, because this [acting] was too much fun. “But I was a highly sensitive child, and the last thing my parents wanted was for their child to go in and get hurt… “Most actors are highly sensitive people, but you have this incredible scrutiny. You […]

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