Learn how to innovate in 5 easy steps

Learn practical, scientifically proven, and easy to use tools that will help you produce breakthrough innovation.

“If innovation is a priority for your business, then it is critical that you build the necessary skills in your people to help drive breakthrough thinking on your biggest business challenges. This course will provide you with a stack of practical innovation tools that have driven remarkable results in organisations such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Red Bull, LEGO, Deloitte, Heinz, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and many others.”

Online course by Dr Amantha Imber – an “innovation psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of innovation consultancy Inventium.”

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Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business

with Kim Werker

This class “is all about shedding light on the stuff you don’t want to say out loud and transforming your negative thoughts into creative catalysts that benefit your business.

“Through interactive lessons, Kim will help you identify and embrace the ugly parts of your business — You’ll learn tools that will help you:

Overcome self-doubt as an entrepreneur
Abolish professional perfectionism
Dismiss your fear of failure
Eliminate irksome business blocks
Conquer procrastination


Joanna Penn: You Wear Many Hats As An Author

“To be a successful indie author means wearing many different hats.”

In an article on her site, author Joanna Penn continues:

“Indeed, to be successful at anything involves wearing many hats! But sometimes, we can look up from the mountainous To Do list and wonder what the hell is going on!”

Penn gives specific suggestions that can be helpful to writer entrepreneurs and other creative entrepreneurs.

Also see video interview with her: “Beating Self-Censorship And How Embracing The Shadow Helps My Fiction”

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 What Causes Depression
What Causes Clinical Depression?

“In this online course, we look at the various risk factors associated with the mood disorders – particularly major depression… We range from biological and historical causes, through lifestyle and situational factors, to the often-neglected area of meaning. Along the way we look at the literature concerning diet, cognitive vulnerabilities, emotional tolerance, social isolation, exercise, and more.”

Instructor: Randy Paterson “is a psychologist in Vancouver Canada. He is the Director of Changeways Clinic, a private mental health center, and writes a blog called PsychologySalon. His work emphasizes the treatment of problems related to stress, anxiety, depression, and significant life change.”

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Is a rare and special ‘artistic’ talent required?

Author Betty Edwards asks, “Why do we assume that a rare and special ‘artistic’ talent is required for drawing? We don’t make that assumption about other kinds of abilities. “If you can catch a baseball, thread a needle, or hold a pencil and write your name, you can learn to draw skillfully, artistically, and creatively.” […]

Hilda Huang on Bach and video games; Gina Trapani on multitasking

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