Director Alejandro Inarritu on Creative Work

Alejandro G. Iñárritu, director and co-writer of “Birdman” on his work as a filmmaker:

“What is the meaning of all this? Why am I doing what I’m doing? I’m always looking for something that will in some way electrify me with joy.”   [Read more in the post.]

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Developing Creativity Course for Entrepreneurs

Creative Genius for Entrepreneurs course – “Reverse Engineering the mental frameworks that geniuses from Jobs to Da Vinci used to dominate their fields.”

From Udemy: ‘courses made by experts from around the world.’

Instructor Timothy Kenny is the author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs.” “He teaches classes and speaks to groups about how to accelerate their learning so that they can build successful businesses faster and with more confidence in their success.”

Read more about the course (and see videos) in the post.


Mindfulness and Developing Creativity

How can the practice of mindfulness help us be more creative?

Creativity coach Eric Maisel says the goal of creative mindfulness is “not only the nonjudgmental observation of your thoughts but complete right thinking that leads to authenticity, creativity, and mental health.”

See videos and links to books by Ronald D. Siegel (a clinical psychologist, and member of the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School), and others.

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Being A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Emilie Wapnick writes about her program:

“Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis.

“In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your multipotentiality so that instead of it being an obstacle to income, it becomes fuel for income.”

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Gaining Reasonable Confidence Course

Online course: “Reasonable Confidence: How To Be Confident, True To Yourself”

From Udemy: ‘courses made by experts from around the world.’ From the course site:

“After many decades of dry and obscure laboratory research, the neurosciences are now beginning to bring us real and practical information that we can apply in our everyday lives to increase our levels of happiness, love, productivity and harmony.

“That’s what this course is all about. Practical, easy, reasonable things to do, that make it about as simple as possible to become more confident in everyday life.”

[Read more and see 2 videos in post.]

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Can self-doubt be a good thing?

Some people in positions of power or with celebrity status, such as high profile actors and entertainers, can develop an overblown sense of their importance and abilities. Brad Pitt once admitted, “We are treated as special. We get away with things that other people can’t. And you start to believe the lie that you are […]

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Restlessness and Jagged Edges

“I believe that curiosity, wonder and passion are defining qualities of imaginative minds and great teachers; that restlessness and discontent are vital things; and that intense experience and suffering instruct us in ways that less intense emotions can never do. “I believe, in short, that we are equally beholden to heart and mind, and that […]

Constraints and Creativity

One of the basic concepts about the creative process is that it involves generation of many ideas, followed by analytic selection, then implementation. Idea generation may be very “loose” and unrestrained – even fantastical and not necessarily tied to normal reality. In my earlier post Creative Thinking and Schizophrenia, I wrote a little about the […]


SensitiveOneCreate Beyond Limits site

“Someone may have told you to “toughen up” and I’m asking you, “Please don’t.” Your innate way of feeling and processing things on a very deep level is a tremendous gift… And, the nuances and details you pick up on in life feed into your creative expression and find a unique way for the communication of meaning.”

– From blog post “Don’t Toughen Up” January 19, 2015 by Kaitlyn Mirison – follow link to her site to read posts and learn about her programs especially for “introverts to overcome paralyzing self-doubts and realize the value in themselves and their creativity.”

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alarm-clock-hammerChanging Course programs
by Valerie Young, Ed.D.

“Are you doing EXACTLY the kind of work that makes you want to leap out of bed each morning excited to begin a new day?
Does your work satisfy a need deep within to express yourself, your talents, your values, your unique and precious gifts?
Does your work allow for a balanced life – one that leaves time for family and friends, for exercise or hobbies, for you?
Are you doing what you love and loving what you do?”

Her site offers resources to “Live life on purpose – Work at what you love – Follow your own road.”


Pathologizing and Stigmatizing: The Misdiagnosis of Gifted People

Like many talented and creative people, novelist Patricia Cornwell has experienced mental health issues. She comments: “I’ve had my own difficulties. My wiring’s not perfect…”

But many health professionals may label attributes of giftedness negatively, as psychiatric problems or pathologies. And those of us who feel emotional intensities, existential depression and other experiences related to giftedness, may judge ourselves as “crazy” or somehow disordered.

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Highly Sensitive and Living With Social AnxietyMany people avoid crowds or social contacts that are too anxiety producing. But if this kind of social anxiety is overly self-limiting, holding us back from expressing our talents as fully as we want to, there are ways to deal with it.

How might being a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath make some people more susceptible to social anxiety?

[NOTE – this was a popular post in the previous issue, so I am repeating it here.]

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Dealing with self-criticism

Criticism saps our passion for life “Certain basic doubts keep Colin from enjoying a truly comfortable sense of superiority.” In a series of podcasts adapted from his book Toxic Criticism, Eric Maisel, PhD talks about how “criticism and self-criticism interfere with our ability to find our life purpose and live as strongly, passionately, and effectively […]

Creative Artist Issues: Audio Interview with Dr. Cheryl Arutt

Dr. Cheryl Arutt is a clinical psychologist, specializing in creative artist issues and other topics. She is also a forensic and media consultant. Topics in our audio interview include high sensitivity, regulating disruptive feelings, destructiveness vs creativity, pain and creativity, being unconventional vs rebellion against the self, the fight-or-flight response, and other issues which can […]

Carol Dweck on developing creative talent

Carol S. Dweck, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. She writes in an issue of the Duke Gifted Letter about attitudes toward giftedness and developing creative talent: *  Some people are born gifted, and others are not. * You can tell who will be gifted from early on. * Gifted children should […]

Can stress and bad moods spur creativity?

According to research by professor Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School and colleagues, negative mood-triggering situations and stress can in some ways enhance creative expression. An article on the research asks, “Where does creativity come from, and how can it be harnessed? “The answer may be a dark one, says Professor Modupe Akinola, whose research […]

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on the creative personality

Creativity researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced me-high chick-sent-me-high) notes creative people are especially complex. “Instead of being an individual, they are a multitude.” Personality characteristics he describes include: * Humble and proud, both painfully self-doubting and wildly self-confident. * May defy gender stereotypes, and are likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but […]

Michael Jackson and Dabrowski Excitabilities

Psychomotor Overexcitability is a “surplus of energy, pressure for action, restlessness, impulsive actions, competitiveness, sleeplessness.” Stephanie Tolan notes the original Polish word can be translated more literally as “superstimulatabilities” and “involves not just psychological factors but central nervous system sensitivity.” Michael Jackson exemplified a number of these qualities as a singer and dancer. See video and more […]