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Featured post: Multitalented Creative People

Reading about actors, writers and other artists over the past fifteen years and more, and doing interviews with many creative people myself, I have been struck by how many of these accomplished people, such as David Lynch, are multitalented and active – even exceptional – in more than one area of creative expression.


Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Ayn Rand on why creating is its own reward

Seeing The Fountainhead the first time was thrilling. The central character of architect Howard Roark is an almost aggressively individualistic, self-directed, self-contained artist, played with assured brio by Gary Cooper. As usual in his films, a heroic mensch. The movie gave me a stronger sense of hope it was possible to be an outsider and …

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Norah Jones on sensitivity and criticism

In this news article, musician Norah Jones talks about being sensitive and dealing with reactions to her creative work. Norah Jones’ sensitivity to criticism The Week (, November 12, 2009 Norah Jones still gets stung by jokes about her putting audiences to sleep, says Will Hodgkinson in Mojo. “They call me ‘Snorah,’” says the 30-year-old …

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Cate Blanchett and the Creative Life

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Cate Blanchett talked about acting and working with Woody Allen for his new movie “Blue Jasmine” – and she referred to the poignant quotes by dancer, choreographer and teacher Martha Graham (1894-1991) about leading a creative life and being an artist, such as: “There is a vitality, a life …

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Crossing the threshold into new creation

“As creator and innovator, one is required to prove the commitment to one’s pursuits, the power of one’s will and courage to create. After a while reality relents and you are allowed to cross the threshold into new creation.” That is a quote by Jean Houston, who notes that being a creator often includes barriers, …

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Psychic Ability, Sensitivity, Creativity

I don’t have any particular psychic ability, but am fascinated by it, and appreciate the more sympathetic depictions in movies such as “Hereafter” directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Cécile De France and Matt Damon as a professional psychic. It’s a word that has a wide range of associations, including some pretty negative or dismissive ones. …

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Adult Underachievement

The ‘gifted’ label & the pressure to deliver – In his book “Your Own Worst Enemy..” psychologist Kenneth W. Christian, PhD delineates some of the most prominent patterns of thinking and behavior he has found that may lead to undermining and underachievement as adults. He notes, “Without explicit demands and support, being labeled ‘bright’ or …

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Talented women underestimating or stifling their abilities

High Intelligence Specialist Deborah L. Ruf, Ph.D. comments in her book Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind about some of the factors in why there are fewer eminent women in most fields : “In my experience, most girls and women, as a group, tend to see shades of meaning and concepts more easily and …

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Reclaiming Our Creativity

How can we successfully hold on to the creative thinking and passions we had earlier in life? Ken Robinson and many other writers and leaders warn that too many children are having their intellectual and creative abilities eroded by educational institutions. We may find inspiration to be more creative in art classes and writing workshops …

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Myths of Creativity and Creators

“I just thought making movies was something done by geniuses, and I was very clear that I wasn’t one of those.” Jane Campion When “The Artist’s Way” author and creativity coach Julia Cameron has asked people to list ten traits they think artists have, their responses have included: “Artists are broke,” “Artists are crazy,” “Artists …

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The gifted adult personality – too much for others?

In her post Giftedness in the workplace (on the Talent Psychology site), Dr. Mary E. Jacobsen writes about some of the social challenges of being exceptional and intense, and gifted adults not understanding their own minds and unique characteristics. “No matter how brilliant they may be, gifted adults who have received inaccurate or scant information …

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