The Transformational Author Experience Program

“Authors have to wear many hats – writing (of course) but also the marketing hat… networking… platform building and a few others…The Transformational Author Experience was an invaluable resource for being able to put it all together and get my book out to the world.” Carrie Jolie Dale – See promo video for her best-seller as an example of promoting a self-help book.

Making Meaning in Art: Alexis Smith, Eric Maisel

Creativity coach and psychologist Eric Maisel notes creators may “experience depression simply because they are caught up in a struggle to make life seem meaningful to them.” //

“I have a way to talk about whatever I want. And that’s more meaningful to me than whether people like my work or I make a lot of money.” Artist Alexis Smith 

 Changing Our Thinking and Beliefs

“You’re stupid and ugly and woefully unhip. But we can change all that…Get your credit card.”

What messages from ads, news media, other people and more sources are impacting our thinking in negative ways and distorting our healthy self concept?

How Do You Know When An Idea Is a Good One?

By Tara Gentile, creativeLIVE

“Your next big thing could be anything — but knowing which ideas are worth keeping and which are better saved for another day can be difficult.”

Pathologizing and Stigmatizing: The Misdiagnosis of Gifted People

The list of highly talented and creative people who suffer anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems is, of course, limitless; being gifted does not exempt people from those problems.

Photo: novelist Patricia Cornwell has experienced bipolar disorder.

But many health professionals may label attributes of giftedness as psychiatric problems or pathologies.

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Can self-esteem distort our personal development?

Our self-concept, positive self-regard and simply confidence, are key influences on how fully we realize our talents. We do need to feel good about who we are to passionately pursue – or even have – worthwhile ambitions for our lives. But a new study led by San Diego State University psychologist Jean Twenge [titled “Egos […]
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Personal growth development – Can we get out of our ruts and change?

Being seduced by the comfort of routine and the known is one of the ways we limit ourselves. Doing more about our inertia, we can grow more effectively toward who we want to be. Inertia is the concept in classical physics that a physical object resists any change in its state of motion. But doesn’t […]
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The science of feeling good

While psychology has mostly concentrated on mental health disorders and how to deal with them, the field of positive psychology is exploring what helps make us happy and fulfilled – feelings that support our personal development and achievement. The photo is psychologist Jeanne Nakamura appreciating the joking scowling of her colleague Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of Claremont […]
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Making Meaning in Art: Alexis Smith, Eric Maisel

“I have a way to talk about whatever I want. And that’s more meaningful to me than whether people like my work or I make a lot of money.” That is a comment by collage artist Alexis Smith, in an interview article about her gallery show “Slice of Life,” created with poet Amy Gerstler. In […]
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Imagination and Grounded Reality

Schizotypy, a milder version of schizophrenia, can enhance creative expression for some people. Some research studies have found that artists and schizophrenics scored equally high on “unusual cognition.” So how “unusual” can our imagination get to still be “sane” yet creative? In his article “The Creative Personality…” psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi writes that creative people “alternate […]
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Limiting ourselves with self-judgment

“American Idol” finalist Katharine McPhee has acknowledged that she fought a five-year battle with bulimia, and had childhood reading problems that sabotaged her self-esteem and made her turn to food for comfort. “Low self-esteem was huge for me,” McPhee said. “I was always the pretty little girl who was stupid. That was really difficult… I […]
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Cate Blanchett and the Creative Life

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Cate Blanchett talked about acting and working with Woody Allen for his new movie “Blue Jasmine” – and she referred to the poignant quotes by dancer, choreographer and teacher Martha Graham (1894-1991) about leading a creative life and being an artist, such as: “There is a vitality, a life […]
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