Finding the Gems in the Rough: the mission to identify and serve the unknowing gifted

By Sara Harrier

Many thinkers have shed light on not just the intellectual differences of the gifted, but on the unique personality traits and social-emotional needs of this population.

And it’s been hugely liberating and beneficial to many youth, who with enough support, are empowered to achieve greatness in their lives and the world.

However, we know that giftedness doesn’t go away as we reach adulthood.  And the emotional complexities that accompany increased sensitivity and awareness are nearly impossible to detangle from the continued need for intellectual engagement and creativity as we enter higher education and the workforce.

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Vital Connection-guest-post

A Different Story
excerpted from “Vital Connection” By Kaitlyn Mirison

There is a story of a person who absorbed every critical comment informing her how she “should be” in life, how her creations are “suppose to” look that in time, she tweaked and tweaked the core elements of herself to meet her critics’ opinions and expectations.

She honed her chameleon-like abilities and pretending skills to gain temporary approval of her critics, but at a great cost of her self. Her soul ached from a deep longing to be realized.  And to fight this soul-ache, she
Became numb
Could no longer able hear her own intuition
Forgot how to dream

Because now, she was living someone else’s dream and working with their imagination.  Her own dreams and imagination buried under her aching soul.

That is one story but it doesn’t need to be your story.

A Different Story… In fact, this different story is too important to ignore – YOU are too important to ignore.  You are here to experience your soul – the very unique one-of-a-kindness of you.

From Guest Post: “Vital Connection” August 10, 2014 on the Conscious Introvert Success site of Tanja Gardner.

Learn about her program Energy Management 101 – follow the link, then click Blog to read more of the above post & others; click Home to sign up for free report “How to keep an eye on your energy levels.”

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Highly Sensitive Personality and Creativity

By Lisa A. Riley, LMFT, Creativity Coach

Creatives often feel and perceive more intensely, dramatically, and with a wildly vivid color palate to draw from, which can only be described as looking at the world through a much larger lens.

Without a substantial filtration system firmly in place to screen out most of the busy noise, these people tend to receive a far greater amount of stimuli directly into their psyches. …

The key is to embrace this sensitivity with compassion and free from judgment of any kind.

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Books To Fuel Your Creative Mind

New title added:
The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter Isaacson.

“The computer and the Internet are among the most important inventions of our era, but few people know who created them. They were not conjured up in a garret or garage by solo inventors suitable to be put into a pantheon with Edison, Bell, and Morse. Instead, most of the innovations of the digital age were done collaboratively.”

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