Pushed to Excel

“I push people beyond what’s expected of them. I believe that is an absolute necessity.”

How much does forceful mentoring help students achieve excellence, and when does it become abusive?

Those issues are part of the movie Whiplash. The quote above is by an acclaimed music teacher at a school reputed to be “one of the best in the country,” explaining his teaching approach – which is often like a drill sergeant. Does this abusive style help students excel?

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Interested In So Many Things: Creative and Multitalented

“Would I have to settle on a ‘practical job’ and pursue my various passions on the side or choose among my interests and just commit to one thing?

“Both options made my heart ache… I knew I could be doing more – that I had more to offer the world.” – Emilie Wapnick

Barbara Sher says, “You’re not a dabbler or a dilettante. You simply need to do more than one thing in your life. When you’re a Scanner, one path is never enough.”

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Programs for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

Programs for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

Videos and other information about programs such as
* Create Beyond Limits;
* Introvert Spring;
* Sheep Dressed Like Wolves;
* DIY Self-Esteem;
* The Power of Intuition Online Course by Judith Orloff
* and more.

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Why Smart People Hurt

Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the Bright, the Sensitive, and the Creative, by Eric Maisel, PhD

My review (on Amazon) for the book:

Being exceptionally gifted and talented does not include assurance that you can realize your multiple talents, nor is it a guarantee of eminence or even success in life.As Dr. Linda Silverman, director of the Gifted Development Center, notes, “The natural trajectory of giftedness in childhood is not a six-figure salary, perfect happiness, and a guaranteed place in Who’s Who.”

In “Why Smart People Hurt” Dr. Eric Maisel delineates a number of both external and internal influences on high ability people, providing information about these often subtle influences, and giving suggestions to enhance self-understanding and emotional health to help people more fully use their capabilities, making their lives more creative and fulfilled, to the benefit of others as well as themselves.

[Related article of mine with excerpts, audio clip: Challenged By Being So Smart.]

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