Developing Creativity Magazine

The Developing Creativity Magazine includes articles on creativity research, psychology and personal growth topics, in an interactive format: You can click to “turn” the pages, play videos inside the magazine, zoom viewing size – and more.

NOTE – When reading it on a Kindle, iPad, other tablet or mobile device, the blue-text links do not work – apparently you need to view the magazine on a desktop or other computer.

Contents of issue 1.1:

•  Creativity Expiration Date?

•  Creative Passion or Just Doing What You Really Want

•  Creative Thinking: Imagine You Are Seven Again

•  Lena Dunham (“Girls”) on Creating

•  Facing Our Demons

•  Henry Miller on Rules of Creativity

•  Are Gifted Underachievers More Creative?

•  Junot Diaz on Creative Thinking

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