Overseeing Our Emotions; Ang Lee: The Introvert; Affect Regulation and the Creative Artist


“I would burst from all of the emotion inside.”¬† Gloria Reuben

How do you work with your strong emotions? Creative people experience a wide range and depth of intense emotions, and use that wealth of feeling to create artwork and performances.

The idea of overseeing or managing or regulating emotions is not necessarily about suppressing or stifling, but about staying aware and in control of our feelings, to live with a higher level of well-being, and be more creative.


Director Ang Lee recently won his second¬†Academy Award for “Life of Pi” (his first was for “Brokeback Mountain”).

Actor Adil Hussain, one of the stars of “Pi” described how the Taiwanese filmmaker works. He commented that Lee is “so sensitive and the way he directs you is so silent. He’d whisper into your ear what he has to say.


By Cheryl Arutt, Psy.D.

Creating art has always been a way to channel emotional intensity.

In a world where destructive acting out is all too frequent (and meticulously documented and sensationalized on the news and TMZ), sublimating painful feelings by expressing them in the form of artistic expression allows the artist to choose to “act out” in a way that is constructive.


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