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This is a video and a long list of notes and links for an online presentation by me on multiple topics that may especially impact creative people: High Sensitivity; Self Concept / Self Esteem; Anxiety; Depression; Trauma, and other topics. — Here is an excerpt from the longer video you can see at the link above:


Popular titles from last edition

Does Depression Help Us To Be More Creative?

Can such a challenging mental health issue like depression actually have some benefit for the many creative people who suffer from it?


Being Highly Sensitive and Creative

Interactive Ebook version of my book “Being Highly Sensitive and Creative”


Elaine Aron summarizes research findings: “We HSPs seem to be less affected by biases caused by the culture we grew up in, even very subtle biases.”

Author Betty Edwards asks, “Why do we assume that a rare and special ‘artistic’ talent is required for drawing? We don’t make that assumption about other kinds of abilities.

“If you can catch a baseball, thread a needle, or hold a pencil and write your name, you can learn to draw skillfully, artistically, and creatively.”

From her book Drawing on the Artist Within.

Quoted in the section “You Have to be an Artist to be Creative, and Other Myths” in my book “The Creative Mind: Identity and Confidence”
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“I hope I’m becoming more eccentric. More room in the brain.”Musician Tom Waits

Being eccentric – choosing not to be more safely mundane – can help our creative thinking and courage.


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