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“Though my dark side is dormant right now, it continues to play a big role in whatever capacity I have to be creative.”Jessica Lange

Can such a profoundly challenging mental health issue like depression actually have some benefit for the many creative people who suffer from it?


Being Highly Sensitive and Creative

This is a screenshot of the Interactive Ebook version of my book “Being Highly Sensitive and Creative” – Viewing it on a computer, you can easily move around the book clicking thumbnail images, or “turning” the pages using a mouse, zoom in or out, and play videos within the same window. Also available for mobile devices.

Marie Forleo video training series

Photo: Marie Forleo notes: “Sir Richard Branson invited me to South Africa to mentor other young entrepreneurs in the art of creative hustle at his Centre for Entrepreneurship.”

Marie Forleo notes about her new [free] training videos: “They are more in-depth than what I usually have time for on our weekly show, and also more intimate — kind of like having me personally coach you in the comfort of your own home.”

See her video on Working Moms on my Facebook page

Creativity and Trauma radio show excerpt

Excerpt from radio program hosted by Michele Rosenthal. “Is there a correlation between trauma and creativity? Can creativity actually help you overcome trauma? If you’re not a ‘creative person’, can you utilize elements of creativity in recovery?”

// See related article for link to full length program, plus multiple quotes by Halle Berry, Marlene Azoulai, Charlize Theron, SARK, Charles Durning and others: Creative People and Trauma


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