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Profiting from Your Passions Career Coach training
“One of the great things about being a Profiting from Your Passions(r) Career Coach is that you can do it from literally anywhere in the world. And if you love to speak or do workshops you can do that anywhere as well. For instance I was invited to speak at a seminar for people who wanted to learn about travel writing and travel photography… in Paris!” — Dr. Valerie Young

Profiting from Your Passions Career Coach training

Also see her main site for programs to create “meaningful work, joy, and more control over your time and your life”: Changing Course.

In a recent Creativity Post article, science writer Sam McNerney provides a stimulating and encouraging overview of a “renaissance in creativity in both the lab and the pages of popular books and magazines.”He says that “Cognitive flexibility, the ability to switch between thinking about two concepts or consider multiple perspectives simultaneously” is a “popular topic in the neuroscience world.”

Less stressful business

Coach and entrepreneur Molly Gordon asks, “What if your business could be more spacious, more easeful, and more profitable in 2013? In this video I share five principles I gleaned from reflecting on my own success and that of my most successful clients.”

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Learn more about her program Profit Alchemy

Far From the Tree

“He has an issue with intimacy. He doesn’t want anybody on his back. I know, because he doesn’t want me on his back.

“He’s totally free, joking, and very funny in public. It’s humbling to be in his presence. But deep down, he’s a little bit of an enigma. I think that’s part of the nature of his genius, and it breaks my heart.”
– Shirley Bell, on her son Josh.

From Chapter VIII of “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity” by Andrew Solomon.

Along with the many benefits of our high sensitivity trait, we may also be especially susceptible to anxiety.

One aspect of a highly sensitive nervous system can be a strong startle response, as noted in an item on the Self-Test on the site of Psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD: “I startle easily.”

Creative people often have personalities and inner experiences that are intense and beyond ordinary in multiple ways.”I’ve been accused of being ‘too much’ all my life. Too loud, too fast, too smart, too multi-talented, too audacious.”

Writing and creativity coach Cynthia Morris goes on to write, “I’ve never been able to live according to that external standard of ‘just right’…It’s the job of the artist and writer to reflect what they see and feel. This expression of their art and talents must be larger than life.”