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 Jack Kerouac
Mad To Live – the attitude and the foundationThis was one of the most popular articles in the last newsletter – with quotes by Jack Kerouac: “Not all of us are mad. Mad to live. Mad to talk. Mad to be saved. Most of us stand at the sides…”

This is one of many posts on my sites on the broad topic of “madness” and mental health issues related to creative expression –

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Todd Kashdan on Our Dark Side and Creativity“When we are happy, we are very superficial in our thinking.”

A clinical psychologist, professor and well-being researcher, Todd Kashdan addresses how happiness and “unwanted” emotions affect creative thinking and overall well-being in his book “The Upside of Your Dark Side” – an admittedly ‘provocative’ title that may bring to mind Darth Vader.

“With regard to creativity, researchers have found that the ideas suggested by folks who experience both negative and positive moods are judged as 9 percent more creative than ideas put forward by happy people; at work, the stress associated with challenges appears to promote motivation.”


 The Future of Mental Health Conference
The Future of Mental Health Conference
with Dr. Eric Maisel + 15 Experts
February 23-27, 2015 FREE“There isn’t just one way to think about mental health. Today adults and children in distress are presented with a single picture: that they have some “mental disorder” requiring “medical treatment.” In this groundbreaking symposium, top experts from around the world challenge this paradigm, present alternatives, and provide you with the tools you need to live a healthier life.”~ ~ ~ ~
Telltale Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person
by Maria Hill – on her site “HSP Health – Great Health for Highly Sensitive People”“Do you like solitary pursuits?
Do you get overhelmed easily?
Do you hate small talk?
Even if you do, how do you know you are a highly sensitive person?
Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive people get the sense at a young age that they are different. They don’t fit in. They are not interested in the same things that other people are interested in. They are not motivated in the same way.”

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My comment [in the comments section at the end]:

Thanks, Maria, for another helpful article. Solitude can help fuel our creativity as HSPs. Musician Ani DiFranco produced her album “Educated Guess” entirely on her own. An interviewer asked, “Your approach, your energy on the current tour and on the new album seem different. Why is that?”

DiFranco replied: “The difference is solitude. I have it in my life now…”

– From my post: Nurturing creativity in solitude.

>> Also see my Facebook page: Highly Sensitive and Creative.

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